Urogenital Diaphragm and Ishiorectal Fossa

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Last updated 30 March 2006

Urogenital Diaphragm and Ischiorectal Fossa

The Urogenital Diaphragm


Sphincter Urethrae Muscle


Deep Transverse Perineal (Transversus Perinei) Muscle


The Perineal Body

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The Perineal Fascia


The Inferior Fascia of Urogenital Diaphragm


The Superior Fascia of the Urogenital Diaphragm

  1. The fascia lata enveloping the thigh muscles;
  2. The pubic arch;
  3. And the posterior edge of the perineal membrane.
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The Superficial Perineal Space


Contents of the Superficial Perineal Space

  1. The root of the penis and the muscles associated with it;
  2. The contents of the scrotum;
  3. The proximal part of the spongy urethra;
  4. The superficial perineal muscles;
  5. The branches of the internal pudendal vessels;
  6. And the pudendal nerves.
  1. The root of the clitoris;
  2. The bulbs of the vestibule;
  3. The superficial perineal muscles;
  4. The related vessels and nerves;
  5. And the great vestibular glands.
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The Deep Perineal Space


Contents of the Deep Perineal Space

  1. The membranous urethra;
  2. The sphincter urethrae muscle;
  3. The bulbourethral glands;
  4. The deep transverse perineal muscles;
  5. And related vessels and nerves.
  1. Part of the urethra;
  2. The sphincter urethrae muscles;
  3. The deep transverse perineal muscle;
  4. And related vessels and nerves.
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The Ischiorectal (ischioanal) Fossae


Boundaries of the Ischiorectal Fossae


Contents of the Ischiorectal Fossae

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