The Pelvis

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Last updated 30 March 2006

The Pelvis


The Bony Pelvis


The Pelvic Brim

  1. Superior margin of the pubic symphysis;
  2. The pubic crest;
  3. The pecten pubis (pectineal line of the pubis);
  4. The arcuate line of the ilium;
  5. The anterior border of the ala of the sacrum;
  6. And the promontory of the sacrum.
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The Pelvis Major


The Pelvis Minor


The Walls of the Pelvis Minor

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The Superior Pelvic Aperture (Pelvic Inlet)


The Inferior Pelvic Aperture (Pelvic Outlet)

  1. Posteriorly by the sacrum and coccyx;
  2. Anteriorly by the pubic symphysis;
  3. And laterally by the ischial tuberosities.


Types of Pelves in Caucasian Females

  1. Gynaecoid, round with enlarged transverse diameter (41.4%)
  2. Android, heart-shaped (32.5%)
  3. Anthropoid, long AP diameter (23.5%)
  4. Platypelloid, long transverse diameter (2.6%)


Main Differences Between the Male and Female Pelves

Feature Male Female
General structure Thick and heavy Thin and light
Muscle attachments Well marked Poorly marked
Pelvis major Deep Shallow
Pelvis minor Narrow and deep Wide and shallow
Superior pelvic aperture Heart shaped Oval or rounded
Inferior pelvic aperture Comparatively small Comparatively large
Subpubic angle Narrow Wide
Obturator foramen Round Oval
Acetabulum Large Small


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The Vertebropelvic Ligaments


The Iliolumbar Ligament

  1. Limit rotation of L5 vertebra on the sacrum;
  2. And assist the vertebral articular processes in preventing the anterior gliding of L5 on the sacrum.


The Sacrotuberous Ligament


The Sacrospinous Ligament


The Sacroiliac Ligaments

There were covered in Medicine 1 (ANAT1006). Click here to go to the sacroiliac ligaments.

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Joints of the Pelvis

The Lumbosacral Joints


The Sacrococcygeal Joint


The Sacroiliac Joints

This was covered in Medicine 1 (ANAT1006). Click here to go to the sacroiliac joints.


The Pubic Symphysis

This was covered in Medicine 1 (ANAT1006). Click here to go to the pubic symphysis.

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Walls of the Pelvis

The Anterior Pelvic Wall


The Lateral Pelvic Walls


The Posterior Pelvic Walls

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The Floor of the Pelvis


The Levator Ani Muscles


The Puborectalis Muscle


The Pubococcygeus Muscle


The Iliococcygeus Muscle


Innervation of the Levator Ani Muscles


Actions of the Levator Ani Muscles

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The Coccygeus Muscles

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