The Stomach

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Last updated 30 March 2006

The Stomach


Curvatures of the Stomach

The Lesser Curvature


The Greater Curvature

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Parts of the Stomach


The Cardia


The Fundus


The Body of the Stomach


The Pyloric Part of the Stomach


The Pylorus

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Relations of the Stomach


The Anterosuperior Surface


The Posteroinferior surface (stomach bed)


The Stomach Interior


Phases of Gastric Secretion

  1. Cephalic: secretion in response to smell and taste of food.
  2. Gastric: in response to the presence of food in the stomach.
  3. Intestinal: gastric secretion and motility is decreased by impulses from the duodenum.
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Arterial Supply to the Stomach


The Left Gastric Artery


The Right Gastric Artery


The Left Gastro-omental (Gastro-epiploic) Artery


The Right Gastro-omental (Gastro-epiploic) Artery


The Short Gastric Arteries

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Venous Drainage of the Stomach


Lymphatic Drainage of the Stomach


Nerve Supply of the Stomach

Sympathetic Innervation


Parasympathetic Innervation

The anterior vagal trunk gives rise to:

  1. Hepatic branches and pyloric branches.
  2. A fundal branch to the fundus.
  3. The anterior nerves of Latarjet.

The posterior vagal trunk gives rise to:

  1. Coeliac branches to the coeliac plexus around the coeliac trunk.
  2. The posterior nerves of Latarjet.
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