Innervation and Lymphatics of the Abdomen and Pelvis

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Last updated 30 March 2006

Autonomic Nervous Supply (Ashwell)

  1. Greater splanchnic nerve (T5-9)
  2. Lesser splanchnic nerve (T9-10)
  3. Lowest (least) splanchnic nerve (T12)
  4. Lumbar splanchnic nerves (L1-3)
  5. Sacral splanchnic nerves
  1. Vagus nerve
  2. Pelvic splanchnic nerve (S2-4)
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Paravertebral Plexuses

Coeliac Plexus


Phrenic Plexus


Hepatic Plexus


Left Gastric Plexus


Splenic Plexus


Suprarenal Plexus


Renal Plexus


Superior Mesenteric Plexus


Abdominal Aortic Plexus (intermesenteric)


Inferior Mesenteric Plexus


Superior Hypogastric Plexus


Inferior Hypogastric Plexus

  1. Middle rectal plexus
  2. Vesical plexus
  3. Prostatic plexus
  4. Uterovaginal plexus
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Segmental Sympathetic Supplies and Referred Pain

Part Segement(s) Referred pain
Oesophagus (causal part) T5-6 Retrosternal/epigastrium
Stomach T6-10 Epigastrium
Small intestine (duodenum, ileum and jejunum) T9-10 Umbilical
Large intestine to splenic flexure T11-L1 Umbilical
Splenic flexure to rectum L1-2 Hypogastrium
Liver and gallbladder T7-9 Epigastrium/right hypochondrium
Spleen T6-10 Left hypochondrium
Pancreas T6-10 Epigastrium
Kidney T10-L1 Posterior lumbar
Suprarenal T8-L1 Posterior lumbar
Gonads T10-11 Lumbar to groin
Urinary bladder T11-L2 Hypogastrium
Uterus T12-L1 Hypogastrium


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Somatic Nervous Supply

Thoracoabdominal Nerves


Phrenic Nerve


Lumbar Plexus

Click here for a diagram of the lumbar plexus.
Click here for diagrams 1, 2 and 3 of the sacral plexus.

  1. Iliohypogastric nerve (L1)
  2. Ilioinguinal nerve (L1)
  3. Genitofemoral nerve (L1-2)
  4. Lateral femoral cutaneous nerve (L2-3)
  5. Femoral nerve (L2-4)
  6. Obturator nerve (L2-4)
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Lymphatics of the Posterior Abdominal Wall (Moore)


The Lumbar (Lateral Aortic) Lymph Nodes


The Cisterna Chyli


The Thoracic Duct

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