The Duodenum

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Last updated 30 March 2006

The Duodenum

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The Superior (1st) Part of the Duodenum


The Descending (2nd) Part of the Duodenum


The Horizontal (3rd) Part of the Duodenum


The Ascending (4th) Part of the Duodenum

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Relations of the Duodenum

Part Anterior Posterior Superior Inferior Medial Lateral
First Liver
Gall bladder
Portal vein
Gastro-duodenal artery
Bile duct
Lesser sac
Liver (quadrate)
Hepatic artery
Neck of gall bladder
Pancreatic head
Bifurcation of gastro-duodenal artery
Second Liver
Gall bladder
Transverse colon
Small intestine
Right renal vessels
Right kidney
Psoas major
Right ureter
    Pancreatic head
Branches of pancreatico-duodenal artery
Ascending colon
Right colic flexure
Third Superior mesenteric vessels
Root of mesentery
Right and left psoas major
Right ureter
Inferior mesenteric artery
Pancreatic head
Inferior pancreatico-duodenal artery
Fourth Root of mesentery Aorta
Left psoas major


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Arterial Supply of the Duodenum


Venous Drainage of the Duodenum


Lymphatic Drainage of the Duodenum


Innervation of the Duodenum

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