Ear Development

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Last updated 30 March 2006

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Ear Development

Development of the membranous labyrinth

  1. A dorsomedial, elongated endolymphatic appendage, which will form:
  1. A central, expanded utricular region, which will form:
  1. A ventral, conical saccular region, which forms:

Development of the bony labyrinth

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Development of the Tympanic cavity

Pharyngeal arch derivatives in the middle ear
Pharyngeal arch Middle ear structures
  • Cartilage ---> malleus, incus
  • Mesoderm ---> tensor tympani
  • Cartilage ---> stapes
  • Mesoderm ---> stapedius


Other pharyngeal arch derivatives
Pharyngeal arch structure Middle ear structures
1st pharyngeal cleft External acoustic meatus
1st pharyngeal membrane Tympanic membrane
1st pharyngeal pouch Tubotympanic recess
  1. An outer lining of ectoderm
  2. A mesodermal layer called the fibrous stratum
  3. An inner lining of endoderm

Development of the external ear

Differentiation of the auricle

Pharyngeal arch

Hillocks ---> Resulting part of pinna
(from ventral to dorsal on pharyngeal arch)

  1. Tragus
  2. Helix
  3. Cymba concha
  1. Antitragus
  2. Antihelix
  3. Concha
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