Official PAL/NTSC Demo Video-CD

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What is it?

The Official Demo Video-CD is best described as "a demonstration disc to test your TV and equipment".  It is a Video-CD on an 8-cm CD-R that contains within a battery of tests to determine how suitable a particular stand-alone player (e.g., a DVD player) is at playing back homemade VCDs.  It is in itself, also a demonstration of what you can achieve by authoring your own VCDs.

This disc is the massively overhauled and long overdue update to the "PAL/NTSC Demo VCD v0.3" discs.   The older version will remain free.  ALL video clips and still screens have been re-created and the XML structure re-authored by hand.  The Official PAL/NTSC Demo Video-CD uses NO media files from the older version.  Thus, this newly released disc is much more streamlined, containing more tests and resources, is better organised and contains no authoring errors.

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Official PAL Demo Video-CD
Official NTSC Demo Video-CD


Why do I need this?

If you've ever been to forums (the largest and best (S)VCD/DVD/video editing/capturing/authoring bulletin board on the internet) and read through some of the threads, there isn't a day when there are posts by frustrated members on why their homemade VCDs don't work properly on their stand-alone players.  The reason is often that their players don't support VCDs very well, or have difficulty reading CD-R discs.

This is where the Official PAL/NTSC Demo Video-CD comes in.  Next time you go scouting for a new player, take this disc with you to test out prospective players!  With the comprehensive tests on this disc, you can quickly determine the competence (or incompetence) of VCD support in the player.  For those with a passion for XVCDs (eXtended VCDs), the Official PAL/NTSC Demo Video-CD also contains a number of XVCD test clips! Furthermore, the disc includes a simple "VCD Report Card" so that you can easily and quickly note down your results!

Click here for a sample on what the "VCD Report Card" looks like.

And beyond the simple testing front, you can use the Demo VCD to learn how to create complex VCDs with menus and user interaction as well!  Included on the disc is a special off-line version of the GNU VCDImager Authoring Guide Series for your enjoyment and study.


Where and how can I buy this?

The Official PAL/NTSC Demo Video-CD is available exclusively from this website only!  The disc costs only $US 10 with $US 5 postage and handling WORLD-WIDE (Australians, i.e., postage address in Australia have a special rate).

The on-line payment is handled securely by PayPal.  You can pay via credit card or if you are already have an account with PayPal, pay directly with that (Australians have some additional payment options).

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Support and Inquiries

If you have any inquiries about the Official PAL/NTSC Demo Video-CD, or require any support, please do not hesitate to e-mail me:

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Who am I?

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