Replacing a moving menu with a still image while retaining button functionality

Tools used:

DVD Shrink v3.2

IfoEdit v0.971

VobEdit v0.6

Menuedit v2.3.0

BlankVOB v1.1.0.4

MS Paint

Acknowledgements: This guide was adapted from the combined ideas of Msc_Alex and 2COOL.  Thanks also to the programmers, including Derrow, Dimad, DVD Shrink and Jsoto.


Step 1 – Set up 4 new folders

Call them:

(a)    WORKING (rip your DVD to this folder)

(b)    DEMUXED (it’s easiest if it set up as a sub-folder of WORKING)

(c)    SPARE (can be anywhere convenient)

(d)    SPARE_2 (can be anywhere convenient)

Step 2 – Prepare your menu – Blank any cells you want blanked with Menuedit (Optional)

(a)               Open the menu (C:\...\WORKING\VTS_XX_0.VOB) in Menuedit

(b)               Select the cell you want to blank

(c)               Click Replace

(d)               Pick a replacement cell (a 10k blank from another file) and click OK


(e)               At this time, you can also delete menu buttons that will not correspond with kept streams (eg sub-titles in different languages)

Step 3 – Identify the VOB IDs and Cell IDs you want to change

(a)               Now use Menuedit’s Edit/Preview function to find the VOB IDs and Cell IDs you want to change from motion menus to stills

(b)               You can use the frame slider in the edit preview screen to see the motion menu to check out if it is really the one you want

(c)               (Note the handy button viewer)

(d)             Take a note of the VOB IDs and Cell IDs you want to change

Step 4 - Demux the menu with VobEdit

(a)               Open menu in VobEdit (Right click on C:\...\WORKING\VTS_01_0.VOB – SendTo – VobEdit)

(b)               Click on Demux

(c)               Click on Cell ID and OK

(d)               Navigate to the DEMUXED sub-folder

(e)               Accept the name and Save

(f)                 The resultant DEMUXED folder looks like this (each VOB corresponds to a cell in the menu):

Step 5 – Prepare the still menu VOBs

(a)               Save a bitmap (BMP) of the still from the motion cell in question to SPARE

(b)               If you wish, edit it in MS Paint or your editor of choice (e.g. to take out languages no longer present)

(c)               Create a blank VOB with BlankVOB (1 cell, VOBID 1/1) and move it to the SPARE folder

(d)               Open IfoEdit and press Create IFOs

(e)               Select the VOB just created – output the IFOs in the same folder

(f)                 Open DVD Shrink in Open Files mode and navigate to SPARE

(g)               Click on main movie and Title 1 and change the compression to “Still Image”

(h)               Browse to the BMP created in (a) or (b) and select it

(i)                  Click on Backup and select the backup target as “Hard Disk Folder” and select C:\...\SPARE_2 as the “Target folder for DVD output files”

(j)                  After the backup’s completed (it will only take a few seconds), move the resultant files from SPARE_2 to SPARE, overwriting what’s there to begin with

Tip:  Hang on to SPARE.  It will eliminate the need to go through Steps 5(c), (d) and (e) every time

Step 6 – Demux the video from the still menu

(a)               Open the VOB just created in Step 5 in VobEdit (it will be C:\...\SPARE\VTS_01_1.VOB)

(b)               Click on Demux

(c)               Click on MPEG stream and OK

(d)               This creates VTS_01_1.m2v in SPARE

(e)               Close VobEdit

Step 7 – Remuxing the m2v to the old cell

(a)               Go to the DEMUXED folder and examine the log to see what particular VOB corresponds to the VOB ID and cell ID you want to work with (this is the cell you took a note of in Step 3(d))

(b)               Open the relevant VOB in the DEMUXED folder in VobEdit

(c)               Tip:  Check you’ve got the right one by clicking on the NavPack at the top and looking at bytes 041f and 0422

(d)               Click on Edit – Remux m2v

(e)               Navigate to SPARE and click on the m2v file

(f)                 IMPORTANT:  In the Save As box that follows, save into a new folder, not the DEMUXED folder (“WORKING” is OK).  This is because of a small overwriting bug in VobEdit

(g)               Click OK and go to WORKING and move the VOB just created to the DEMUXED folder (if you want to save the original demuxed VOB first elsewhere, that’s OK)

(h)               Close VobEdit

Step 8 – Rejoining the VOB’s cells back together to a single menu file

(a)               Navigate to DEMUXED and reopen VTS_01_01.001 in VobEdit (Right click on .001 – SendTo – VobEdit)

(b)               Click on Edit – Join CellVOB Files

(c)               Click on Save

(d)               Once complete, change the filename just created to VTS_01_0.VOB

(e)               Copy it to WORKING (if you want to save the original menu first for safekeeping, copy it elsewhere – do not leave it as a renamed menu in WORKING.  This folder contains our final DVD files and nothing else)

Step 9 – Mock strip the menu

(a)               Open WORKING

(b)               Open VTS_01_0.IFO in IfoEdit (Right click on file – SendTo – IfoEdit)

(c)               Click on Menu Extras

(d)               Mock strip the menu to SPARE_2, keeping everything


(e)               Move the resultant files back to WORKING, overwriting what’s there in the first place (the whole of the ripped DVD should be here now, including the new menu)

(f)                 Open any of the IFOs in C:\...\WORKING in IfoEdit and Get VTS Sectors

Step 10 – Test in software player and burn to DVD±RW to test


Last updated:                       13 December 2004