Removing Language Selection and Aspect Ratio Menus v3.0





It's no surprise to me that my previous guide didn't last too long.  With PgcEdit being consistently updated, it now has the ability to preview menus and titles. The version I used when doing this guide was v0.4.5.  Because of this feature, I had to do another guide.  Previously, I had used DVD Remake Pro's demo for finding our Aspect Ratio or Language Selection Menus. 

Now, I've done a lot of Aspect Ratio Menu removals in the past but most my cheat sheets used various methods. The menu I'm talking about is the pop-up menu that had you selecting a widescreen or fullscreen version. Also, some DVDs have a Language Selection Menu instead, which is rare in Region 1, and it's the pretty much the same concept as a Aspect Ratio Menu.   Instead of selecting aspect ratios, you would be selecting a specific language for your menus. Here are examples below.

                                                         Aspect Ratio Menu                                       Language Selection Menu


There are some DVDs that may have both widescreen (WS) and fullscreen (FS) versions but do not have a normal pop-up Aspect Ratio Menu.  If the buttons to select WS and FS reside with other buttons like Play Movie, then this is not the guide for this scenario.  These DVDs need to be dealt differently and there's no generic guide for this.  Aspect Ratio Menus commonly appear before your Main Menu or after you click on your Play Movie button. 

I've broken down this PgcEdit guide into three parts.


1) Finding your Language Selection or Aspect Ratio Menu

2) Editing the Menu's IFO

3) Replacing the Menu with a blank 10 KB video (blanking).

This guide may look long and complicated at first glance but I had to write extra and detailed explanations, here and there, for newbies on the scene to understand what needs to be done. In time, when you have done this guide a few times, you'll find it easier and quicker.   

With assumption that all your DVD files have been successfully ripped to your hard drive, let's begin.