Removing Language Selection and Aspect Ratio Menus v3.0

Courtesy of   1/1/2005



 Blanking the Menu  

If you are at this step, then you were successful with your edits.  Congratulations! Let's start blanking our Language Selection /Aspect Ratio Menu.

Remember the Cell you were working with on the previous page?  Let's go back to our PGC Editor dialog to check it out again. 


 Click on your Cell's VOB/Cell ID button...



... to get this dialog.





 Click on and another OK and let PgcEdit do its magic.


 Click on OK to save and correct sectors due to new blank VOB cell added. 


 Click OK to have PgcEdit reload itself.   


 Preview to test your DVD.  As mentioned in Step 16, test on clicking on your Play button initially and also selecting a chapter in your Chapter Selection Menu initially.  Some DVDs may have more than one Language Selection /Aspect Ratio Menu so if you have another, you will have to start from the beginning again on your extra menu.  Sometimes, there may be like an intro video prior to the menu and the buttons appear at the end.  If you find that you do have other menus to remove, return to Step 1.  


Just like the title of our guide states, Removing Language Selection and Aspect Ratio Menus, we have successfully completed our goal.  Enjoy!