Removing Language Selection and Aspect Ratio Menus v3.0

Courtesy of   1/1/2005



 Editing the Menu's IFO


Now that we found our menu, select the button of the aspect ratio or language that you want.  Your selected button will have a green highlight.  For my example, button 2 is widescreen and I want this.



There are two ways to view a button's instructional command in PgcEdit.


        1)  Hovering the cursor over it.

        2) Looking at the hex value and command displayed below.

In our sample menu above, I have 2 button commands that are different. 

    Button 1: [71 01 00 0F 00 02 00 0D] Set gprm(15) =(mov) 2 ; LinkTailPGC   (Fullscreen)
    Button 2: [71 01 00 0F 00 01 00 0D] Set gprm(15) =(mov) 1 ; LinkTailPGC   (Widescreen)

There'll be some menu cases in which you might have an exact command for both.  We'll do some extra steps later on this matter. 

    Button 1: [20 01 00 00 00 00 00 0D] LinkTailPGC    (Fullscreen)
    Button 2: [20 01 00 00 00 00 00 0D] LinkTailPGC    (Widescreen)


 We need to create a new Cell command in this menu's PGC Command Table.  But first, we need to copy our selected button's command so  ...

... click on and then Copy to clipboard.             Click on to exit.


 In your menu's PGC Command Table, go to the Cell command area.  If there are Cell commands existing the click on the last one to select. 

If none, then just click on line.

Do a Ctrl + Shift + v for Paste After function.

If done correctly, you should now see your PGC Command Table with a newly added Cell Command which is exactly what your button command was in Step 8.

As mentioned in Step 8, if both of your buttons DO NOT have the same command, you can skip to Step 12. If they are the same, continue to next step.


 You should have something like this in your Cell Commands.


We'll need to edit this so select this command and press on spacebar to bring up your Command Editor.

Check highlight button 

In step 8, we clicked on the button of our wanted selection.  My sample was button 2 for Widescreen.   Move the scroll bar accordingly to yours.

Your new command is displayed topside now. Here's the sequence of change.


Click on to set and you should see your updated Cell Command in your PGC Command Table.

What we did here is automate the selection of button 2 (Widescreen).  So when we jump to Post Command 1 (LinkTailPGC), there should be a compare or a jump command leading you to your  navigations to your Widescreen movie or next Title.


 Now double-click on your PGC menu again to get your PGC editor dialog.

 Now we can set your Cell with your new Cell number.  You got your PGC's Cell number back in Step 7, which for me was 1.  And your new Cell Command Number in Step 10, which for me was 1.

Go to your Cell's  column, click in field, and input your new Cell Command number .


 Since our example menu was a still menu, we also need to reset this Cell's Still Time value to 0 (zero) seconds.  This will allow our Language Selection /Aspect Ratio menu to play through.

Click on to set your changes.


 Click on to save and OK to continue. > 


 Let's do a test play at this point.  Since your menu was set to zero still time, you should see it play to completion and then see the next Title start playing.  This is what we want.  We will work with blanking this menu on the next page.  Things to check when testing is clicking on your Play button initially and also selecting a chapter in your Chapter Selection Menu initially.  Some DVDs may have more than one Language Selection /Aspect Ratio Menu so if you have another, you will have to start from the beginning again on your extra menu.  If so, return to Step 1.