Removing Language Selection and Aspect Ratio Menus v3.0

Courtesy of   1/1/2005



 Finding your Language Selection/Aspect Ratio Menu


The first thing we need to know is have some kind of idea where your menus reside at.  All menus will reside in two probable  VOBs. They will be found in either your VIDEO_TS.VOB or a VTS_*_0.VOB.  Often, in Region 2 Disney DVDs, the language selection menu are found in VIDEO_TS.VOB.  Normally, they should be in the same Titleset as your movie.So, if your movie is in VTS_01, then your menu VOB would be VTS_01_0.VOB. Then again, there are some cases in which the menus may not reside in the same movie Titleset. Most likely, it will be in another Titleset in which you can initially tell that it is by the size of its menu VOB.  In our example, our VTS_01_0.VOB seems a likely candidate since it's bigger than the other menu VOBs. . Let's go check in out in next step.


For this guide's example, I will use a DVD with a Aspect Ratio Selection Menu.





  Now that we have an idea where the menu is at, run PgcEdit and click on to browse to your folder.

If loading is successful, you will see this prompt >      Click OK to continue.


 In Step 1, we assumed that our sample DVD's menus resided in VTS_01_0.VOB so in your PGC (ProGram Chain) Selection window, we will only work with your VTSM 1's (Video Title Set Menu).  The number after the language code is your Titleset's PGC number.  Now, we only need to check VTSMs with buttons so if it has a #b on the same line, it has buttons.  So, for this DVD, I've selected the first menu PGC, VTSM 1 , LU 1 (en) , 1 (2:20) 11b. 



 Click on to view the menu(s) of this PGC.  If your menu PGC has multiple cells, the first cell with buttons with be displayed.



If this is not the menu we are looking for then we need to further our search.  At the top of this window, you'll have your program selector button. 



You should see this if you click on it.



Notice that there are other Programs with buttons? Again, we just need to be concerned about these so the ones with 0 buttons are excluded. Check on the next Program, with buttons, to view its menu.


 If none of these menus in this PGC isn't what you want then click on to exit out this PGC. 


 Repeat steps 3 to 6 with remaining PGCs with buttons until you find your menu.  Eventually, I found my Aspect Ratio Selection menu in VTSM 1 , LU 1 (en) , 6 (0:00) 2b.   (Back to Step 3)



At this point, all you need to remember is the Cell number of this menu.  We'll need it when editing the IFO in the next page.

I was fortunate that my example DVD's menu above resided in a single cell in a PGC menu.  There are some DVDs that have their Language Selection/Aspect Ratio Menus amongst other cells like Joe Dirt (R1) below.

Note: There might be more Language Selection /Aspect Ratio menus around so also look for those.  You'll know you miss one when you test play your backup at the end.