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16 Inquiring on Our Previous Title's Last Chapter


Before we start changing our LinkPTT commands in our next step, I need to briefly educate you on a Title's "actual" last chapter.  It is crucial we need to know about this. 


I'll just  use as an example.  I want to jump from Title 2 to Title 1 but I need to know what Title 1's "actual" last chapter.  Let me explain.

Commonly authored in most DVDs, the last chapter is usually a brief blank video clip.  This is done so that you can use your Next Chapter button on your  second to your last chapter to end your current Title's playback.


As you can see below for my Title 1, Chapter 6 is a second-long blank.  You'll barely see this chapter when you view your DVD.



So really, in this case, our "actual" last chapter is 5.


If you had this situation below, you'll find that you can't skip to the next chapter when you're viewing Chapter 5. Depending on the duration of Chapter 5, you might be pressing your Fast Forward button for awhile. 


You should've figured out by now that our "actual" last chapter in case above will be 5.

Off topic note: You can actually use your if you set your NextPGCN link to the same PGC. e.g. if I had the setup as above, I would use a value of 1 since I'm working with PGC 1.  This would allow you to jump immediately to your PGC's Post commands at the last chapter. 



Getting back on topic, I liked to say that if your last chapter is showing about a second or less for playback time, it's a safe assumption that it's a blank chapter.  Now, I've seen cases that it can go up to 2 minutes and the only way you can determine if it's a blank is to preview your Title.


My suggestion here is that you should write down a list on all your Titles' last chapter is. 



If you completely understand about what I'm saying in this step, then let's continue to the next page.


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