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Tool used: PgcEdit v0.3.7

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8 Replacing Pre Command in PGC 2




9. All our dummy PGC 2s only have a pre command of NOP (No Operation).  We need to change that.  One of the reasons that PgcEdit is awesome is because of its ability to copy and paste multiple consecutive commands.  So let's initially do this.


a. Highlight and select the  three hex values below with your mouse cursor.


{71 00 00 01 00 01 00 00}

{71 00 00 00 00 00 00 00}

{30 08 00 00 01 00 00 00}


b. Ctrl+C to copy it your clipboard. 

c. Now, go to your NOP command in your dummy PGC and highlighted it with single left click.



d. Ctrl+V to paste.


See the magic?  Now your hex commands are translated into readable instructional commands.


10. What you pasted is just a template and we will be tweaking just one command in this Pre command area.  For now, repeat step 9 with the rest of the new dummy PGC 2s.  To cut down on time, you can go ahead and select each NOP command and Ctrl+V (copy).  That's because the values are still fresh in your clipboard.

11. Editing Pre Command 2 in PGC 2


Now we need to edit our new Pre Command #2.  At this point, I'd like to apologize in this guide for being lazy because I'm not going to explain step by step on how the instructional navigation commands work.  But what I can do is provide you with a chart to help you on what your new command will be. 


So, double click on Pre command #2 to bring up the Command Editor.




Enter in  the new value as stated in chart below.  I only went up to VTST 48 but here's the formula I used if you have more.


 New Value = VTST number - 2



E.g. If I'm working with my VTST 29's PGC 2 (VTS 29, 2), then my value for my gprm(0) will be 27.


You can also see your command updating after value change.  You really need to the precise value inputted here or else you'll have navigation problems later on. 


Note: If you are working on ( VTST 2, 2 ) then you just leave it at that since grpm(0)'s new value is equaled to zero, as per our pasted template.


Click on to set and exit Command Editor.














12. Repeat Step 11 for the remaining dummy PGC 2s.


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