Previous Chapter Skipping after DVD Shrink Re-authoring

Courtesy of  2COOL  - 11/7/2004


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Tool used: PgcEdit v0.3.7

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Ever wanted to use your Previous Chapter button fully on your DVD Shrink re-authored backup? At this time this guide was written, using DVD Shrink v3.2 and previous versions wouldn't let us do that.  There will be common situations when you re-authored using episodes and wanted to skip to the previous ones.



Or how about a movie that was splitted on two discs and you wanted to jump from Chapter 10 (Title 2) to Chapter 9 (Title 1) after re-authoring?



I've also read cases on people doing slideshows and audio (ac3 + blank video) DVDs.  Anyways, the technique to use the previous chapter button after re-authoring has been around for a long time and I finally stumbled upon it during one of my beta tests with PgcEdit.  


Now, here's how a typical re-authored DVD looks like after re-authoring with DVD Shrink.  In my example, I re-authored just three episodes just to make things a little simpler for me to work on.  So at the end of re-authoring,  I have a Video Manager (VIDEO_TS) and 3 TitleSets (VTSs).  Here are their Program Chain (PGC) Command Table.


                            VMG, First-Play PGC


                      VTST 1 , 1 TTN 1 (23:29) Title 1


                      VTST 2 , 1 TTN 1 (23:29) Title 2


                      VTST 3 , 1 TTN 1 (23:29) Title 3


If you used your remote's previous chapter button , you'll find that when you reach your first chapter, it won't let you go to the previous Title.  That's because it's in another Titleset.



What we are going to do is add a dummy PGC 2 to a Titleset so that we can use it's Pre commands to set some 2 GPRMs and jump back to our First Play PGC. The Pre Commands in our First Play PGC will in turn analyze GPRM (0) and then jump to the Pre commands of our Title in question.



Here's the big picture of this guide's example when working with multiple Titles.




If you had a single Title, then this is how the navigations will be.  If this is your case, jump to Page 7. Pages 1 to 6 are for multiple Title DVDs.



I've broken down the steps into their pages.   



    Page 1 - Adding a New Dummy PGC

    Page 2 - Inputting Previous PGCN Number

    Page 3 - Replacing and Editing Dummy PGC 2's Pre Commands

     Page 4 - Replacing Pre Command in PGC 1s

    Page 5 - Inquiring on Previous Title's Last Chapter

      Page 6 - Editing PGC 1's Pre Commands

      Page 7 - Endless Previous Chapter Skipping with VTST 1 (Optional)

      Page 8 - Forward Playback (Endless Loop) (Optional)



You want to do this? Then let's get started!



Intro -  Page 1 - Page 2 - Page 3 - Page 4 - Page 5 - Page 6 - Page 7 - Page 8

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