How to Completely Blank Out a Video TitleSet (VTS)
Courtesy of  2COOL  - 10/11/2004

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Tool used: PgcEdit v0.3.5

This procedure will ONLY edit your Title's IFO file so there'll be NO changes to your  VOB files afterwards.  If you want to know how the Kill Playback macro works, click here.

Note: Don't use this guide on Titles that have buttons in them.  I'm referring to Button Over Video (BOV) Menu Titles.  You will cause a corruption in command navigations when it comes to you selecting a button on a menu that does not display anymore.

1.  Click on   to open your folder and browse to your folder containing your DVD files with PgcEdit.


2. If loading is successful, you'll get this prompt. 

  Click OK to continue.

3. In PGC Selection, right- click on Title # that contains your unwanted video.

e.g. VTST 5 / TTN 1 (1:34:00) Title 5

Note: Just like DVD Shrink ,the Titles shown in PgcEdit are also referenced in VIDEO_TS.IFO.

4. Select Kill PGC Playback.

5. If there are NO cell commands in your PGC Command Table, you'll see this dialog.

If there ARE cell commands then you'll see this one with Warning.

Click  .

6. Repeat Steps 3 to 5 if you have another VTST (Video TitleSet Title) to Kill Playback on.  Back to Step 3.

7. Click on or Ctrl+S to save.

8. Preview to test.  If all goes well, that's it.

About PgcEdit's Kill Playback

In your PGC Command Table, you will have three commands: pre commands, post commands, and cell commands.

**********  pre commands:


            Navigation commands to be executed before an existing PGC Title starts playing.


**********  post commands:


           Navigation commands to be executed after the PGC Title ends playing.


**********  cell commands:


           Navigation commands to be executed after a Cell has played.


In PgcEdit, Kill Playback is a macro that takes a copy of the current ProGram Chain's (PGC) existing Post Commands in the Command Table, converts them into Pre Commands, and pastes them at the end of your Pre Commands.  Also, a leading NOP (No OPeration) command will be added and it will become the target of all BREAK pre commands. When doing this, all BREAK commands will be converted to GOTO commands.  Our end results will be the prevention / bypassing of the PGC's Title.  Thereby, no frames should display. 






All Break commands are changed to Goto commands and jumping to newly appended NOP command.



          New NOP command.

     A copy of all Post commands will be converted to Pre commands and appended after new NOP command.



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