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Courtesy of   1/29/2005

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Tools used: PgcEdit & Jump2Pgc




First of all, I would like to thank jeanlís PgcEdit guides at Doom9ís forum for inspiring me for creating Jump2Pgc.And also to r0lZ, for this tool would be useless without.Thanks! Also to blutach for his great beta-testing.


Jump2Pgc is a helper application to be used strictly with PgcEdit.It speeds up the process of jeanlís quide by eliminating most of the manual copy and pasting.You will be able to edit your backup DVDs with a quicker start upon DVD insert to your Main Menuís intro, Main Menu, or even your Main title.For those you are irritated by all those pesky video clips of warnings, movie ratings, and tons of trailers in-between, this is a great tool to help you out.You could also bypass your Aspect Ratio and Language Selection menus most of the time.


The only thing I wonít go into is removing any bypassed materials.There are tools with guides out there like PgcEdit and VobBlanker that can help you out. In jeanlís guide, he also provides guidance to do so.I suggest you read it too.


With assumption that ALL your files have been ripped to your harddrive, open Jump2Pgc and letís begin.

1. Click on toolbar icon, browse, and open your files in PgcEdit



Inquire on Unused GPRM (General Parameter)s: Info > Find Unused GPRMs.If you have any at this time, enter it.


If not, click on checkbox and perform the cautionís remarks.Weíll be using an unset GPRM after the trace in Step 3.



Checking for commands jumping to First Play PGC (Program Chain)


Right click on First-Play PGC and select ďGo to calling commandĒ.



The example below shows there is no commands so thatís good.



But if you do have any, there is a possibility that you can get navigation errors with Jump2Pgcís algorithm.You can take a gamble on it if you want to.It might work.


A). Click on toolbar icon to get Trace dialog.



B) Turn on GPRM monitor (watch) in Trace DVD panel: Watch > GPRMs.



C) Check Auto-preview option.



Advanced users: If you know where your Main menu resides at then Toggle PGC playback breakpoint. (Right-click on PGC and itíll change font color if enabled)



D) Start trace at First Play PGC by clicking on Load button.



E) Start execution of commands by clicking with any of the preferred 3 buttons: Step, Next PB, and Run.It doesnít matter which button you use as long as you reach your target PGC Playback


         Intro clip to Main Menu

         Main Menu

         Title (e.g. Main Movie)


I mainly use Next PB followed with Step.


Explanation of buttons


-> Step: †† Manual execution of single commands (Next single step)


->> Next PB (PlayBack):Run to the next playback or breakpoint.Trace will stop after

††††††††††††††† executing last pre command prior to video playback.


††††††††††††††††††††††† If you follow it up with a Step will then start it.


††††††††††††††† If you follow it up with another Next PB, then next cell or following commands to next playback will occur.


Note: If a LinkCN, LinkPTT, or LinkPGN is encountered in pre commands, there will be no break in run mode.Video playback will commence.


->>> Run: ††Run to next playback.Toggles with Break.Auto-execution of commands after user

††††† interactivity if menu buttons are encountered.


->| Break: Stop run mode and leaves the trace at the last command executed.Toggles with Run.


User interactive buttons during playback


You may encounter four common user selection scenarios, depending on what type of current video content you are playing.It is assumed that you have checked the Auto-preview option or else you will have to manually start playback.




Type:Buttonless menu or Title (motion optional).E.g. Blank cell, FBI warnings, movie ratings, trailers, etcÖ

Close Preview: If you had used Step button, prior to playback, trace will stop on following command . If you had usedNext Playback, then either nextimmediate cell will play or you will run to last command prior to next playback If Run was used, any following commands will be automatically executed and then youíll see next video playback.



Type:Basically it has buttons in it so therefore itís a menu. ††Its Cellís ďstill TimeĒ is not equal to 255 so itíll most likely loop.††


Preview: By default, if you encounter a menu with buttons,the captured scene you see is the first I-frame that was detected with buttons.Clicking on this button will have you preview the entire menu but you canít select anything in that new preview dialog.


Skip:[enabled] Wait till the end of cellís playback without selecting any button. (Will execute cell/posts commands)


Select & Break: Use selected button in menu and stop run mode.


Select: Use the current selected button.If Step or Next Playback was used prior to playback,

††††††††††† run will stop for next command.If not, following commands will auto-execute to next

††††††††††† playback.



Type: Still Menu with buttons.Cellís ďstill timeĒ set for infinite display (255).E.g. Aspect Ratio menu.


Preview: Same as previously mentioned.


Skip: This button is disabled because a selection must be made if you want to continue.


Select & Break: Same as previously mentioned


Select: Same as previously mentioned.



Type:Buttonless menus or titles.††


Most likely if you have consecutive cells and you use Next PB, youíll get this scenario.


Close & Break Trace: Say when you are in your movie and you have lots of cells playing back to back, this button allows you to stop playback, close out the preview dialog, and stop running anymore commands.


Close Preview:Same as previously mentioned.

3) Stopping playback at targeted PGC.


Advanced users: Since you had set your playback breakpoint prior to tracing, you will have arrived at your capturing point of your changed GPRMs.Continue on to next step.


The plan is here is to get to your target PGCís playback and break out of your trace at the very first cell is played.Now, you can actually break at the end of your last command prior to your playback but for newbies out there, itís nice to get a glimpse of what the video content is.


As I mentioned in Step 2E, there are three types of playback content.Iíll explain what to do when you get to them.


         Main menu intro: As soon as you can confirm that itís definitely the intro, you will click on your Close Preview button and then your Break button in your Trace Panel or Close and Break Trace because some commands will be executed before you have a change to hit the break button. Either way, we need to break out of our trace.Now, look in your PGC Selection and check to see if your Root Menu is highlighted.If it is, then in Jmp2Pgc, select what is highlighted.If itís a Root, Sub-Picture, Audio, Angle, or Chapter menu, then enter it accordingly and the VTSM # too.





If per chance, you are instead in another unnamed PGC, then mostly likely your Root menu is a dummy menu.This means the PGC has no video or audio content within it but it can contain jump or link commands to provide navigation in the Menu domain.If this is what you got then enter it accordingly.Now, the Root menu doesnít have to be a dummy.It can also contain just a brief blank cell.Either way, it has no significant video content to show.




Note: In figure above, notice that the Root menu is highlighted in yellow?That means that it has been flagged as being accessed during the trace.



         Main menu: Click on Select & Break.The process of setting upStep 3 of Jump2Pgc is the same as explained for a Main menu intro.


         Title (e.g. Main movie) : To get to your Title you want, youíll have to do extra steps.First, at your main menu, click in display to select your Play Movie button (highlighted in green).Now, follow it up with clicking your Select button.Make your way to your movie and when you get it playing, click on Close & Break Trace.


The setup in Step 4 is selecting Title and entering your target Title number.



Continuation of Step 1. Check for Unset GPRM


If you have a unused GPRM then go to next step.This is a continuation of Step 1 where we will check for a unset GPRM in your watch.Iím confident that you should have at least 1 greyed out.This means that from DVD insert (all GPRM values are zero) to this point, it hasnít been set yet.


Input one of your unset GPRMs (0-15) into Jump2Pgcís Step 1.



4. Copy Change Registers as commands and Importing them into Jump2Pgc



After doing so, you must go immediately to Step 5 as you donít want to erase your copied commands in your Clipboard.


NOTE:Donít close out of PgcEdit.Weíll need it open later for testing our new inserted commands.




With confidence that inputs are correct, click on Import button.This causes a paste into the visible textboxes below.†† Jump2Pgc has already prepared your new pre commands, ready for copying and pasting into PgcEdit.


If you feel that you have made a mistake, no problem.there is a Undo button now which well take you back before importing.

5. Pasting new top Pre commands into PgcEdit.


The Copy to Clipboard buttons are now enabled and you are also given labels on where which commands should go.There is no orderof pasting, just as long as you copy and paste all of them.Iíll just explain the process with the first one, First Play PGC.


Note: Ensure that "Automatically renumber GOTOs cmds upon insert/delete?" is checked in PgcEdit's Options before copying. Just save your option and you donít have to worry about it later on.



A). Click on Copy to Clipboard button

B). Go to PGC Selection and click on First Play PGC



C) Click on pre commands label (outlined in red above).

D) Do a Ctrl + Shift + V for Paste After.You should see something like this. The three top pre commands, highlighted green, are my new inserted pre commands.


E) Repeat Steps A to D with other visible textboxes.

6. With PgcEdit still open, do a test trace.



7. If it works as plan then click on Save button.



If it doesnít, you may have made an error along the way.Just click on Reset to start again.

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