Blanking a Cell with PgcEdit

Courtesy of   1/1/2005       Homepage  

Note: I used v0.4.5

 Open up your files in PgcEdit.  Single click on a non-dummy PGC (Program Chain) in your PGC Selection pane. 



 If you want to preview all your cells in this PGC, click on .  Use the buttons, highlighted in RED, to help you out on finding the cell you wanted to blank out.



Once you got your Cell number, close your Preview window. 


 Now, double-click on your PGC to get your PGC Editor.



 In this window, you'll see a Cell column.  Remember your unwanted cell you found in Step 2? If you want to verify again that this is the cell you want, click on its to preview.  You'll get you Preview window again.


If this is the one, click on its button in VOB/Cell ID column.   E.g.


 You should have this dialog now.





 Click on and another OK and let PgcEdit do its magic.


 Click on OK to save and correct sectors due to new blank VOB cell added. 


 Click OK to have PgcEdit reload itself.   


 Preview to test your DVD.