How to Completely Blank Out a Video TitleSet (VTS)
Courtesy of  2COOL  - 9/24/2004

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Tools I used in this guide:  DVD Shrink for previewing Titles &  PgcEdit v0.3.4 for blanking Titles.

Advanced users: With assumption that you previously know which Title(s) to blank, you can skip to Step 6.

Viewing Titles

At this time, PgcEdit does not have the capability to preview any video content so we have to look to other tools. There are many ways to view Titles but to make it simple for others, on a free level and better reliability, I decided to use DVD Shrink.

1. Run DVD Shrink and click on .

2. Browse to your folder that contains all your ripped files.

3. Go up to View and uncheck "Combine Shared Titles".

4. In top left section, expand folders, Main Movie and Extras, to see your Title #s.

5. Preview your Titles and if it's not what you want to keep, then write it down.

Note: The Titles shown are referenced in your Video ManaGer (VGM) or VIDEO_TS.IFO.



You can choose to keep DVD Shrink open if you need

to preview any titles again during this guide.









6. Blanking with PgcEdit

Open your folder containing your DVD files with PgcEdit.

7. If loading is successful, you'll get this prompt.  OK to continue.

8. In PGC Selection list, right- click on any VTSTs (Video TitleSet Title).  It doesn't matter if your VTS has more than one Title as you'll be blanking all Titles anyways. Refer to your list in Step 5.

e.g. VTST 5 / TTN 3 (1:29) Title 21

Note: Just like DVD Shrink ,the Titles shown in PgcEdit are also referenced in VIDEO_TS.IFO.









9. Select Blank out all VTST Titles

10. In your dialog, the area highlighted in RED holds the options we need to be only selecting.

In PgcEdit, Kill Playback is a macro that takes a copy of the current ProGram Chain's (PGC) existing Post Commands in the Command Table, converts them into Pre Commands, and pastes them at the end of your Pre Commands.  Also, a leading NOP (No OPeration) command will be added and it will become the target of all BREAK pre commands. When doing this, all BREAK commands will be converted to GOTO commands.  Our end results will be the prevention / bypassing of the PGC's Title.  Thereby, no frames will display. 

Regardless of Kill Playback option, all original PGC VOBs (Video OBject) will be replaced  with a single 10 KB blank VOB.  This will cut down on total DVD size

This default option only works with PGCs with NO Cell commands so if true, Post to Pre commands conversion will occur.  It doesn't matter if you have a single PGC or Multi-PGC TitleSet.  Again, only the ones with no Cell commands will be affected.

  ALL PGC Command tables will have Post to Pre commands conversions, regardless if  Cell commands are present in any of them.  This is what's meant by "unconditionally".

   No Post to Pre commands conversion will occur.



11. Click OK upon deciding on your selection.

12. Repeat Steps 8 to 11 if you have another VTS to blank.  Back to Step 8.

13. Click on Tool bar icon or Ctrl+S to save.

14. Play to test.

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