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Brief description

-  VobBlanker is a tool able to blank, replace, cut and strip titles, more specifically, program chains or individual cells. From release 1.5 VobBlanker is also able to work (blank, preview, delete..) in the menu domain.
It also has special features like reduce to still with or without audio complete PGCs or single Cells, or splitting cells capability

- VobBlanker is strictly an editing tool, designed to be applied in unprotected and no-copyrighted sources. It has nothing to do with ripping or protection removing practices.

How VobBlanker works
- VobBlanker needs a FILE mode, unencrypted and unprotected backup of the DVD to be processed. This backup can be done using a ripper in FILE mode or mounting in a virtual drive an unencrypted DVD image.

- VobBlanker uses the info stored in the IFOs to access the Cells inside the VOBs.

- When the VIDEO_TS.IFO file is selected, VobBlanker reads automatically all the IFOs in the same folder and stores in memory all the required info.

- Now, the user is allowed to configure how the DVD is going to be processed, which PGCs are going to be blanked, etc. The user has to select the output folder where the processed DVD will be stored.

- Project settings can be saved/loaded from Menu.

- VobBlanker will NOT modify any file of the input folder. It opens these files for reading.


- Using different physical drives in input and output folder will increase a lot the processing performance.
- Processing in Input folder the desired VTSs and skipping the others is the fastest method to blank.
- CLI support: VobBlanker [-log] [-scan] [-min] [-run] [-exit] project_file.ini

Release Data



Current Release


Mirror 1 provided by videohelp

Mirror 2 provided by doom9

Mirror 3 provided by posunplugged





Added:   Control of minimum window size (in resizing windows)

Added:   Resizing grip indication (in the lower left corner)

Added:   Refuse to run if AnyDVD/DVD43 or DVDRegionFree are detected.

Added:   Split feature in MENUs. Up to 32 split points.

Added:  "Cut inside" splitting the cell in two parts in MENUs domain.

Added:   Check PTSs discontinuities when extending cells (replacing cells/titles).

Added:   Multiple splits pre cell. Up to 32 split points can be defined per cell in the same VobBlanker session.

Added:   GOP type and Cell elapsed time are shown in Preview

Added:   Absolute sector in preview

Added:   Check the maximum size of the output (menus and titles)

Added:   Automatically disable overlay if needed in VISTA.

Improvement: Tooltips are visible when the controls are disabled.

Improvement: Double click on a cell row in cell list now goes to split/still/replace or preview/cut dialogs, depending on the selected action

Improvement: Message "Filename has to be *_1.VOB" removed if filesize < 1000MB

Improvement?: GOP type detection now accepts first video pack in a non standard position

Change:  Defaults: Do not use overlay defaults to true, and NextPGC and PrevPGC pointers modification defaults to false

Change:  Return to file save dialog in case of error (extracting cells)

Change: "Save project as" opens the file save dialog with the current project filename (if exists) instead of the default filename

Change:  Elapsed and duration times: hours are represented in one digit

Change:  Info in preview uses normal fonts. Deleted non-valid fields.

Change:  Errors compacted when loading a DVD with multiple errors in menus

Change:  50% more space for ifos growing.

Change:  Menu VOB or last title VOB files in a VTS are allowed to be larger

Change:  Open GOP warning completely removed

Change:  Confusing message when ILV-ed cells are detected.

BugFix:   Not fixed, but workarounded. Disappearing dells dialog when hitting "split button"

BugFix:   Delete all title VOB files in output folder before processing the titles domain of a titleset

BugFix:   Bug in DVDPreview was crashing VobBlanker loading a PAL/NTSC mixed DVD than 1 GB (a warning is issued)

BugFix:   sizes of GB were reported as MB in dialogs

BugFix:   "Cut inside" splitting still was broken in some cases

BugFix:   In the case of 9 files in a VTS, the fixing packs procedure hanged

BugFix:   Only 98 VTS were supported

BugFix:   Negative (wrong) pointers in IFOs made VobBlanker crash

BugFix:   chapters table wrong when splitting cells

BugFix:   Settings in main dialog were lost opening more settings dialog

BugFix:   32K smart GAP default was not always the same value

BugFix:   Changing Cell number in preview was not updating Time and GOP type

BugFix:   Special case where GOP type was not detected (was being marked as unknown)

BugFix:   PGC unit table was being created empty in smart GAPs

BugFix:   When removing unreferenced cells and renumbering, VOB pointers fixing phase was working with the list including the cells to be deleted, so some cells were adjusted twice.

BugFix:   Adding chapters when splitting cells could fail in some rare conditions

BugFix:   VobBlanker was not launching the fixing pointer phase when a cell number mismatch was detected replacing cells/pgcs

Note: The full changelog is included in the zip file



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