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Grid menu layout:
This function  may only be used for titleset menus (and submenus of titleset menus).
Hereby you can insert Chapter/Title buttons automatically to create a fast simple layout.  If a Titleset menu is loaded, select the point 'Grid menu layout' from the menu under 'Insert'. In the following dialog you can select the chapters (or titles of an Audio titleset) with the usual multi select keys (Shift/Ctrl) or also 'Select all'. The preview shows the result which can be expected according to the selected rows, columns, initial positions and distances. GIF masks are not shown and a raster (if activated) is not considered in the preview. You can save your favorite defaults for rows/column/starting pos./distances in the Def. Settings (tab: Intern).  Filling up takes place "line by line":  First the selected chapters/titles are inserted on the first line (from left to right) according to the indicated number of columns, afterwards the next line is started. If you wish a column arrangement, call the function several times and in each case use one column only, but with different start X positions.