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After all movies are set up, menus designed, links checked... you can start the authoring process with dvdauthor or MuxMan.

'Create DVD' will loop through all defined menus and create the PNG/BMP images, XML control files and BAT start files. Afterwards, the batch files are started and you get an output screen where the messages from the command line programs are shown. If 'Edit author.xml file before DVD creation process' is enabled in the default project settings, the editor is started before the final dvdauthor run.

'Create Batch' does pretty much the same, but will not start the batch files itself. You may then start the batch files by hand (maybe after reworking with a text editor) from a command line window. If you start the batch files one by one, take care for the correct sequence, as shown in the MainBatch.bat file (or start the MainBatch.bat directly). This option may also be used to batch run several projects. See: Batch Processing

'Syntaxchk.' In order to test, whether you mistyped anything (for button / menu actions), you can run a 'syntax check'.  In this case dvdauthor.exe with a dvdauthor.xml file is started, which contains all 'commands', but no MPGs  (set only as "Test.mpg").  Thus typing errors can be found, logical errors like a jump to a missing menu cannot be recognized this way unfortunately. For MuxMan this option is not implemented.

For 'Burn DVD' and 'Show DVD' see:
Burning (using NeroCmd/imgburn)
DVD Preview (Show DVD)