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Default Settings:
7. AudioTS

The properties for the layout of background pictures for Audio Titlesets ('Audio only' titles) can be preset here.
IMHO it is easier to create a layout in the Audio Titlesets dialog and use the 'Set default' button there, as you have a preview function in this dialog. But to save the settings permanently in the registry, you need to use the 'Save' button here in the Default Settings dialog.

Blur settings:
Enable or disable blurring for audiotitlesets and set up the values for X (horizontal) direction and Y (vertical) direction
See also: Using Blur

Default Type for Audiotitlesets: For dvdauthor you can select to create the audiofiles in a audiotitleset as either own titles or chapters. Using 'Titles', the timecode is reset after each audiofile. Using 'Chapters' the audiofiles are connected and the audiotitleset has a continuous timecode (you can nevertheless access each title individually from a menu). As in the official standard only 99 titles are allowed for a DVD (although many players have no problems with more than 100), I would recommend to use 'Chapters'. For MuxMan only the 'Chapters' mode is implemented.