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What is Kiss DejaVu Enc?

Kiss DejaVu Enc is an ffmpeg GUI with a twist. Kiss can be used to re-encode DVB/DBS recorded mpegs or any mpeg to DVD-complaint MPEGs or audio and video streams. Here's the twist. Use Kiss to upload video straight to your YouTube account. Even use it to send your favorite music video to your mp3 player. Kiss also works great as a batch encoder, demuxer, or commercial or scene marker. Kiss automatically creates a Cutterman project file (*.cfp) and a GUI for dvdauthor project file (*.gfd). Kiss Uses ffmpeg as the encoder engine, Comskip as the automatic commercial detection engine, and ffmpeg again as a demuxing engine.
Works on Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
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KissEnc2010r011.msi MSI Installer 2010.R01.1 4133 KB
KissEnc2010r011.exe Easy Install 431 KB
KissEnc2010r011.7z Compressed 2631 KB
Video2010r011.7z Compressed 2009.R01.1 10 KB
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Whats New!
Try the new Video Download patch. It works with Kiss version 2009.R01.3 or higher.
7-Zip (*.7z Extraction)
.Net Framework 2.0
Windows Installer 2.0
GUI for dvdauthor
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Copyright (C) 2009 Shann McGee.