Ligaments and Joints of the Vertebral Column

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Last updated 30 March 2006

Joints of the Vertebral Column


Joints of the Vertebral Bodies (pp. 342-7)


The anterior longitudinal ligament (p. 342)


The posterior longitudinal ligament (p. 342)


The Intervertebral Discs (p. 342)


The Anulus Fibrosus (p. 342)


The Nucleus Pulposus (pp. 342, 347)

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Joints of the Vertebral Arches (pp. 347-8)

Zygapophyseal Joints (facet joints)

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Accessory Ligaments of the Intervertebral Joints (p. 348)

Ligamentum Flava (p. 348)


Interspinous and Supraspinous Ligaments (p. 348)


Intertransverse Ligaments (p. 348)

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The Craniovertebral Joints


The Atlanto-occipital Joints (pp. 349-50)


The Atlanto-axial Joints (p. 350)

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Movements of the Vertebral Column (p. 350)

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