The Vertebrae

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Last updated 30 March 2006

The Vertebrae


Normal Curvature of the Vertebral Column (pp. 323, 326)

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The Vertebrae

Typical Adult Vertebrae (pp. 327, 329, 331)


Parts of a Typical Vertebrae

The body is anterior and the vertebral arch is posterior.

The Body (p. 329)


The Vertebral Arch (p. 329)


Seven Vertebral Processes (pp. 329, 331)

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Regional Characteristics of Vertebrae

Region of Vertebrae Column Distinguishing Characteristics
Cervical Foramina transversaria, bifid spinous process.
Thoracic Facets on sides of bodies for articulation with ribs, heart shaped bodies and circular vertebral foramina
Lumbar Massive bodies and sturdy laminae, largest of movable vertebrae, absence of costal facets.


The Cervical Vertebrae (p. 331)


The Thoracic Vertebrae (pp. 331-2)


Lumbar Vertebrae (p. 332)


The Sacrum and Coccyx

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