The Temporomandibular Joint and the Muscles of Mastication

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Last updated 30 March 2006

The Temporomandibular Joint


The Articular Capsule (p. 731)


Ligaments of the Joint (p. 731)


Movements of the Temporomandibular Joint (p. 731)

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Muscles acting on the Temporomandibular Joint


Actions Muscles
Depression (Open mouth)
Lateral pterygoid
Elevation (Close mouth)
Medial pterygoid
Protrusion (Protrude chin)
Masseter (superficial fibres)
Lateral pterygoid
Medial pterygoid
Retrusion (Retrude chin)
Masseter (deep fibres)
Side-to-side movements (grinding and chewing)
Temporalis on same side
Pterygoid muscles of opposite side


The Temporalis Muscle (p. 733)


The Masseter Muscle (p. 733)


The Lateral Pterygoid Muscle (p. 733)


The Medial Pterygoid Muscle (p. 733)

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