Bones of the Thoracic Wall

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Last updated 30 March 2006

Bones of the Thoracic Wall


The Thoracic Vertebrae (p. 33)


The Costal Facets (p. 33)


The Spinous Processes (p. 33)

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The Ribs (pp. 34-6)

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True Ribs (p. 35)


False Ribs (p. 35)

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Atypical Ribs (pp. 35, 38)


The First Rib (pp 35, 38)


The Second Rib (p. 38)


The 10th Rib (p. 38)


The 11th and 12th Ribs (p. 38)

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The Costal Cartilages (p. 39)


The Costal Margins (p. 39)


Joints of the Ribs

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The Sternum


The Manubrium (p. 41)


The Body of the Sternum (p. 41)


The Xiphoid Process (p. 41)


The Sternal Joints

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