The Pharynx

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Last updated 30 March 2006

The Pharynx

Click here for a diagram of the lateral aspect of the pharynx.


The Layers of the Pharyngeal Wall (p. 826)

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Muscles of the Pharynx


External Muscles of the Pharynx (p. 828)


The Superior Constrictor Muscle (p. 828)


The Middle Constrictor Muscle (p. 828)


The Inferior Constrictor Muscle (pp. 828, 830)

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Gaps in the Pharyngeal Musculature (p. 830)

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Internal Muscles of the Pharynx (p. 830)


The Stylopharyngeus Muscle (p. 830)


The Palatopharyngeus Muscle (p. 830)

Click here for its entry in the oral cavity (palate).


The Salpingopharyngeus Muscle (p. 830)

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Interior of the Pharynx

The Nasopharynx (p. 834)

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The Oropharynx (p. 834-5)


The Palatine Tonsils (pp. 834-5)

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The Laryngopharynx (p. 836)


Innervation of the Pharynx (p. 836)

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