The Oral Cavity

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Last updated 30 March 2006

The Oral Cavity

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The Lips (p. 734)


Sensory Nerves of the Lips (p. 734)


The Cheeks (pp. 735-6)


Sensory Nerves of the Cheeks (p. 736)

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The Palate


The Hard Palate (pp. 741, 743)

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The Soft Palate (pp. 743-5)


Muscles of the Soft Palate (pp. 743-5)

The Levator Veli Palatini (Levator Palati) (p. 743)


The Tensor Veli Palatini (Tensor Palati) (pp. 743-4)


The Palatoglossus Muscle (p. 744)


The Palatopharyngeus Muscle (p. 744)


The Musculus Uvulae (p. 745)

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Nerves of the Palate (p. 745)


Vessels of the Palate (p. 745)

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The Tongue


Gross Features of the Tongue (p. 745)


Oral Part of the Tongue (p. 745)


The Lingual Papillae and Taste Buds (p. 746)


The Pharyngeal Part of the Tongue (p. 746)

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Muscles of the Tongue


Extrinsic Muscles of the Tongue (p. 746)

The Genioglossus Muscle (p. 746)


The Hyoglossus Muscle (p. 746)


The Styloglossus Muscle (p. 746)


The Palatoglossus Muscle (p. 746)

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Intrinsic Muscles of the Tongue (pp. 746-7)

The Superior Longitudinal Muscle of the Tongue (p. 747)


The Inferior Longitudinal Muscle of the Tongue (p. 747)


The Transverse Muscle of the Tongue (p. 747)


The Vertical Muscle of the Tongue (p. 747)

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Nerves of the Tongue (pp. 747-8)

Anterior 2/3 of tongue Posterior 1/3 of tongue
Motor Innervation All muscles by hypoglossal nerve (CN XII) except palatoglossus muscle (by the pharyngeal plexus)
General Sensory Innervation
Lingual nerve (branch of mandibular nerve CN V3) Glossopharyngeal nerve (CN IX)
Special Sensory Innervation
Chorda tympani nerve (branch of facial nerve) Glossopharyngeal nerve (CN IX)


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