Muscles of the Neck

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Last updated 1 April 2006

Superficial Neck Muscles

The Platysma Muscle (p. 786)


The Sternocleidomastoid Muscle (p. 786)

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The Prevertebral Muscles


The Longus Colli Muscle (p. 807)


The Longus Capitis Muscle (p. 807)

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The Suprahyoid Muscles


The Mylohyoid Muscles (p. 796)


Geniohyoid Muscles (p. 796)


The Stylohyoid Muscles (p. 796)


The Digastric Muscles (p. 796)

Click here for a diagram of the the posterior belly of digastric muscle and its relations.

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The Infrahyoid Muscles


The Sternohyoid Muscle (p. 797)


The Sternothyroid Muscle (p. 797)


The Thyrohyoid Muscle (p. 797)


The Omohyoid Muscle (p. 797)

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The Scalene Muscles

The Scalenus Anterior Muscle (p. 654, Snell 5th ed.)




The Scalenus Medius Muscle (pp. 654-5, Snell 5th ed.)


The Scalenus Posterior Muscle (p. 655, Snell 5th ed.)

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