The Mediastinum and Heart

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Last updated 30 March 2006

The Mediastinum


Subdivisions of the Mediastinum


The Superior Mediastinum


The Anterior Mediastinum


The Middle Mediastinum


The Posterior Mediastinum

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The Heart

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The Base of the Heart


The Apex of the Heart


The Sternocostal (Anterior) Surface of the Heart


The Diaphragmatic (Inferior) Surface of the Heart


The Pulmonary (Left) Surface of the Heart


The Borders of the Heart

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Surface Anatomy of the Heart


Radiological Anatomy of the Heart

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Chambers of the Heart


The Right Atrium


Atrioseptal Defect (ASD)


The Right Ventricle

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The Left Atrium


The Left Ventricle

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General Structure of the Cardiac Wall


The Cardiac Fibrous Skeleton

  1. To ensure electrophysiological discontinuity between the atria and ventricles (only connection is via the atrioventricular bundle).
  2. To provide mechanical attachment for the atrial and ventricular muscles.
  3. To maintain the cardiac position within the pericardium.
  4. To provide a stable but deformable base for the valvular fibrous cores.


Myocardial Architecture

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