Male External Genital Organs

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Last updated 30 March 2006

Male External Genital Organs

The Scrotum

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Arterial Supply of the Scrotum


Venous Drainage of the Scrotum


Innervation of the Scrotum


Lymphatic Drainage of the Scrotum

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The Penis


The Root of the Penis


The Bulb of the Penis


The Body of the Penis

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The Glans Penis


The Prepuce or Foreskin of the Penis


The Fundiform Ligament


The Suspensory Ligament

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Arterial Supply of the Penis

  1. The dorsal arteries, which run in the interval between the corpora cavernosa on each side of the deep dorsal vein;
  2. The deep arteries, which pierce the crura and run within the corpora cavernosa;
  3. And the artery to the bulb, which enters on each side.


Venous Drainage of the Penis


Lymphatic Drainage of the Penis


Innervation of the Penis

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