The Liver

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Last updated 30 March 2006

The Liver

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Surfaces of the Liver


The Diaphragmatic Surface of the Liver


The Visceral Surface of the Liver

  1. The superior right portion of the anterior surface of the stomach;
  2. The superior part of the duodenum;
  3. The lesser omentum;
  4. The gall-bladder;
  5. The right colic flexure;
  6. Many associated vessels and nerves.
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Lobes of the Liver


The Right Lobe of the Liver


The Caudate Lobe of the Liver


The Quadrate Lobe of the Liver


The Left Lobe of the Liver

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Peritoneal Attachments of the Liver (Ashwell, Lecture Notes, 1998)

Ligamentum teres


Falciform ligament


Coronary ligament


Left triangular ligament


Right triangular ligament


Lesser Omentum

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Arterial Supply to the Liver


Common Hepatic Artery


The Portal Vein

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Venous Drainage of the Liver


Lymphatic Drainage of the Liver


Innervation of the Liver

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