The Larynx

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Last updated 1 April 2006

The Larynx

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The Skeleton of the Larynx


The Thyroid Cartilage (p. 838)


The Cricoid Cartilage (p. 838)


The Arytenoid Cartilages (p. 838)


The Corniculate and Cuneiform Cartilages (pp. 838, 841)


The Epiglottic Cartilage (p. 841)


Joints of the Larynx

The Cricothyroid Joints (p. 841)


The Cricoarytenoid Joints (p. 841)

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Laryngeal Ligaments and Membranes

The Thyrohyoid Membrane (p. 841)


The Cricothyroid and Cricotracheal Ligaments (p. 841)


The Vocal Ligament, Vocal Fold, and Conus Elasticus (p. 842)


The Quadrangular Membrane and Vestibular Ligament (p. 842)


Ligaments of the Epiglottis (p. 842)

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The Interior of the Larynx


The Vocal Folds (pp. 843-4)


The Vestibular Folds (p. 844)

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Muscles of the Larynx

Extrinsic Muscles (pp. 844-5)


Intrinsic Muscles (pp. 845)


Adductors of the Vocal Folds (p. 845)


Abductors of the Vocal Folds (pp. 845, 847)


Tensors of the Vocal Folds (p. 847)


Relaxers of the Vocal Folds (p. 847)

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Blood Supply of the Larynx (p. 847)


Innervation of the Larynx (p. 848-9)


Lymphatic Drainage of the Larynx (p. 849)

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