Intrinsic Muscles of the Back

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Last updated 30 March 2006

Intrinsic Muscles of the Back

Click here for the Extrinsic Muscles of the Back.


Superficial Layer of Deep Back Muscles

The Splenius Muscles (pp. 351, 353)

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Intermediate Layer of Deep Back Muscles

The Erector Spinae Muscle (p. 353)

Click here for a diagram of the Erector Spinae Muscle.


The Iliocostalis Muscle (p. 353)


The Longissimus Muscle (p. 353)


The Spinalis Muscle (p. 353)


Actions of the Erector Spinae Muscles (p. 353)

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Deep Layer of Intrinsic Back Muscles


The Semispinalis Muscle (p. 355)


The Multifidus Muscle (p. 355)


The Rotatores Muscles (p. 355)


The Interspinales and Intertransversarii Muscles (p. 355)

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