The Face

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Last updated 30 March 2006

The Muscles of Facial Expression


Muscles of the Forehead

The Frontalis Muscle (p. 656)


Muscles Around the Mouth


Orbicularis Oris Muscle (p. 660)


Zygomaticus Major Muscle (p. 660)


Zygomaticus Minor Muscle (p. 660)


The Buccinator Muscle (p. 660)

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Muscles Around the Eyelids


The Orbicularis Oculi Muscle (p. 660)


The Levator Palpebrae Superioris Muscle (p. 660)


Muscles Around the Nose

The Nasalis Muscle (p. 660)

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Nerves of the Face

Innervation of the Muscles of Facial Expression

The Facial Nerve (CN VII) (pp. 664-5)

Click here to go to its entry under cranial nerves.

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Innervation of the Skin (pp. 661-4)

Click here for a diagram of the sensory nerves of the skin.


The Ophthalmic Nerve (p. 661)


The Maxillary Nerve (p. 661)


The Mandibular Nerve (pp. 661-4)

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The Arteries of the Face


The Facial Artery (pp. 665-6)


The Superficial Temporal Artery (p. 666)


The Transverse Facial Artery (p. 666)

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Veins of the Face

Click here for a diagram on the superficial veins of the face and neck.


The Supratrochlear Vein (p. 667)


The Supraorbital Vein (p. 667)


The Facial Vein (pp. 667)


The Superficial Temporal Vein (p. 667)


The Retromandibular Vein (p. 668)

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