The Ear

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Last updated 30 March 2006

The Ear


The External Ear


The Ear Lobule (p. 763)

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The External Acoustic Meatus (pp. 763, 765)

  1. The auricular branch of the auriculotemporal nerve (derived from the mandibular, CN V3).
  2. The facial nerve (CN VII) by the branches from the tympanic plexus.
  3. The auricular branch of the vagus nerve (CN X).


The Tympanic Membrane (p. 765)

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The Middle Ear

Click here for a schematic of the tympanic cavity or middle ear.


Contents of the Tympanic Cavity or Middle Ear (p. 769)

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Walls of the Tympanic Cavity or Middle Ear (pp. 769, 771-2)


The Roof or Tegmental Wall (p. 769)


The Floor or Jugular Wall (p. 769)


The Lateral or Membranous Wall (p. 769)


The Medial or Labyrinthine Wall (pp. 769, 771)


The Posterior or Mastoid Wall (p. 771)


The Anterior Wall or Carotid Wall (pp. 771-2)

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The Auditory Tube (p. 772)


The Auditory Ossicles (p. 772)

The Malleus (p. 772)


The Incus (p. 772)


The Stapes (p. 772)


Functions of the Auditory Ossicles (p. 772)


Muscles Moving the Auditory Ossicles

The Tensor Tympani Muscle (p. 773)


The Stapedius Muscle (p. 773)

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Internal Ear

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