The Brain

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Last updated 30 March 2006

The Main Parts of the Brain

The Cerebral Hemispheres (p. 693)


The Frontal Lobe (p. 693)


The Parietal Lobes (p. 693)


The Temporal Lobes (p. 693)


The Occipital Lobes (p. 693)

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The Midbrain (p. 696)


The Pons (p. 696)


The Medulla Oblongata (p. 696)


The Cerebellum (pp. 696-7)

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Blood Supply of the Brain


The Internal Carotid Artery (p. 701)


The Vertebral Arteries (p. 701)


The Basilar Artery (p. 701)

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The Cerebral Arterial Circle of Willis (pp. 701-2)

Click here for a schematic of the arterial circle.


The Anterior Cerebral Artery (p. 701)


The Middle Cerebral Artery (pp. 701-2)


The Posterior Cerebral Artery (p. 702)

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Dura Septa or Reflections


The Falx Cerebri (p. 686)


The Tentorium Cerebelli (p. 686)


The Falx Cerebelli (p. 687)


The Diaphragma Sellae (p. 687)

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Venous Sinuses of Dura Mater


The Superior Sagittal Sinus (p. 689)


The Inferior Sagittal Sinus (p. 690)


The Straight Sinus (p. 690)


The Transverse Sinuses (p. 690)


The Sigmoid Sinuses (p. 690)


The Cavernous Sinuses (p. 690)


The Superior Petrosal Sinuses (p. 609)


The Inferior Petrosal Sinuses (p. 609)

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