Blood Vessels and Nerves of the Heart

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Last updated 30 March 2006

Coronary Arteries


The Right Coronary Artery

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The Left Coronary Artery

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Areas of Distribution

The right coronary artery supplies:

The left coronary artery is reciprocal in distribution.


Coronary Anastomoses

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Cardiac Veins


The Coronary Sinus and its Tributaries


The Anterior Cardiac Veins


The Venae Cordis Minimae

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The Pacemaking and Conducting System of the Heart


The Sinuatrial Node


The Atrioventricular Node


The Atrioventricular Bundle (Bundle of His)

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Autonomic Innervation of the Heart





Function of the ANS supply to the Heart

Stimulation of the vagus nerve (parasympathetic) will:

Stimulation of the sympathetic nerves (sympathetic) will:

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