The Abdomen

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Last updated 30 March 2006

The Anterolateral Abdominal Wall


The External Oblique Muscle (pp. 132-3)


The Internal Oblique Muscle (pp. 133, 135)


The Transversus Abdominis Muscle (p. 135)


Actions of the Three Flat Abdominal Muscles (pp. 135-6)

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The Rectus Abdominis Muscle (p. 136)


Actions of the Rectus Abdominis Muscles (p.136)


The Linea Alba and Rectus Sheath (pp. 136-7)

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Nerves of the Anterior Abdominal Wall (pp. 137-8)

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Posterior Abdominal Wall


Muscles of the Posterior Abdominal Wall


Psoas Major and Iliacus Muscles

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Quadratus Lumborum Muscle (p. 230)

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