Official PAL/NTSC Demo VCD - Refund Policy

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If you want to get a refund for the Official PAL/NTSC Demo VCD, you must first contact me by e-mail at: vitualis(at) (replace (at) with @).

There will be no refund for

  1. Change of mind
  2. Discs damaged by misuse (e.g., broken or left out in the sun)
  3. Discovering your player isn't VCD compatible (surely the disc served it's purpose??)
  4. Discovering your player isn't CD-R compatible (as above -- keep the disc, use the guides, and take it with you the next time you go shopping for a new player)
  5. Ordering the wrong disc (e.g., purchasing the PAL version when you use NTSC equipment)
  6. You sending me the incorrect posting details (I keep detailed e-mail records)
  7. After 2 months of the original posting date if you have not contacted me by e-mail beforehand.


I will offer a refund for

  1. Disc damaged on receiving
  2. Product not received (i.e., lost in the mail)
  3. Package not complete (e.g., missing documentation or missing the disc)
  4. Disc cannot be read (i.e., it cannot be read on a standard CD-ROM drive)


Refund options

You can choose from 1 of 2 options for the refund:

Option 1 Option 2
I will SEND you another PAL/NTSC Demo VCD free of charge.  However, you must first re-confirm your mailing address with me by e-mail.

If this second PAL/NTSC Demo VCD is also damaged or lost in the post, then you must accept a refund by OPTION 2.

I will refund you the PRICE of the product (i.e., $US10) only.

I will not refund the cost of postage ($US5) or any third-party fees (e.g., government taxes, PayPal fees, PayMate fees, etc.)

I will only refund you through PayPal (and through PayMate if you are an Australia resident) to the e-mail address you used to purchase the product.  If you have multiple e-mail address, I will only send money through PayPal to the e-mail you initial gave me.

This is to prevent possible fraud.

For those who do not have a PayPal account, it is okay.  PayPal gives me the facility of send money to you as long as I have your e-mail address.  PayPal will then guide you to receiving your payment (it will involve signing up with PayPal).

I will not send cash, electronic transfer or a money order.


Michael Tam <vitualis (at)>
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