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The author

Good day!

I am a junior doctor, based in the Illawarra Area Health Service (Wollongong Hospital) having just newly graduated from the six-year undergraduate medical course at the University of NSW, Australia.  In 2003, I will begin my first year of (paid) work.  My professional interest is in the field of primary health care and public health and I am learning towards a career in General Practice.

I have a numerous interests, especially in technology and the sciences.  I have a keen interest in biomedical advances, but also the physical sciences.  Needless to say, I'm fascinated by new technological and scientific advancements and am a regular reader of New Scientist magazine, which by the way is the best general science and technology magazine on the planet.  My other interests and hobbies include music, photography, Star Trek and of course, digital video and VCD authoring.

Those who have seen my posts at will know me as a VCD authoring fanatic who prefers to manually author the XML files, rather than to use a GUI like VCDEasy. ;-)  I enjoy the creativity and technical and intellectual challenges that goes with the art of VCD authoring, and of course, I enjoy the excellent company of the VCD authoring community (e.g., people like Baldrick, hvr, delphi.stuff, Betamax, Sefy, adam, and all the other moderators and members of

My contributions to the VCD authoring community include the GNU VCDImager Authoring Guide Series, the Official PAL/NTSC Demo VCD (this disc!), the older PAL/NTSC Demo VCD (still available for download for free), GNU VCDImager Tools GUI as well as a number of sample XML files available for download at the VCDImager site.  In addition, I help moderate both the VCDImager forums and the VCDHelp forums.

I am generally happy to be contacted by e-mail or instant messaging if you have any questions concerning VCD authoring.  I can be contacted at:

ICQ: 4253521
AIM: vitualismtam
Y!: dr_mtam

PGP fingerprint: C446 2445 460C EC30 ACDC 3B2D 593F 593F 7D84 A383


Best regards,
Dr. Chun Wah Michael TAM (aka "vitualis")


Michael Tam <vitualis (at)>
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