Version Import of  Power Point and Impress presentations 

Import of  Power Point(ppt) and Impress(odp) files are supported in DVD slideshow GUI.  However Open Office is needed for the process, so first you must dowmload and install the free Open Office(I've only tested with v. 3.0 and v. 3.1). You can get it from here.

When DVD slideshow GUI is started it will find Open Office if it is installed in the default location or else you'll have to correct the path of Open Office in DVD slideshow GUI > Slideshow > External Applications.  Now you should be able to import ppt and odp.

If you want to convert your ppt/odb presentation to a remote-controllable-dvd  you need to install Gui for dvdauthor this can also be done by reinstalling DVD slideshow GUI and check Gui for dvdauthor in the installer and it will be installed automatically. When both programs are installed properly and the paths are set up in  the External Applications window, all you have to do  is  DVD slideshow GUI > Files >  'Export to DVD Menus' and in 'Gui for dvdauthor' change the look of the menus to your liking and finally hit 'Burn DVD'.

New video tutorial 

Check out the new video tutorial on the basic functions here!

Version Going HD/Bluray...

1080p and 720p, authoring and burn as Bluray-rom supported. And I hope with this version DVD slideshow GUI will run on Vista without too much trouble.

Version It's a milestone!

After some intense weeks DVD slideshow GUI has recieved the big gui update. Too may cool new things to mention here. Just check it out!

BTW. You can localize this software by loading the 'DVD slideshow GUI/Locale/en/en.po' in Poedit. Translate it into your language and send me the resulting po and mo file and I'll add it to DSG.  

Version 0.86C Match Slideshow to Audio Duration

This new function found in the 'Edit' menu, will calculate the duration of slides and transitions to the duration of the audio.

When exporting to .gfd(Gui for Dvdauthor) some nice transitions has been added between the Main menu and the Album and Photo menus.

Version 0.86 Paint Slide, more motion backgrounds and colour looks 

Edit/Paint the selected slide in an external photo manipulation program like: like Paint.Net, Gimp, Photoshop, Mspaint etc.

Version 0.85 Burn to DVD

Through optional download of ImgBurn it is now possible to burn from DVD slideshow GUI.

Version 0.82 More motion backgrounds and transitions

12 new motion backgrounds with endless moving graphics(no looping). They are made with Ffrend with Free Frame effects and exported as metaplugins which can be loaded with Avisynth and therefore used as backgrounds in DVD slideshow GUI. Inside DVD slideshow GUI just load the .avs files in the 'Backgrounds' folder. 

The Free Frame plugins can also be used as transitions. In the 0.82 version 12 new Free Frame transitions are included.

Version 0.81 New: Import m3u playlists and Classic import dialog

Now you can load multiple soundfiles with m3u playlist files, which can be saved in most music players ex. WinAmp. Only mp3 and wav files in playlist is supported.

The import file dialog has now been changed to the classic windows file loader dialog.

Version 0.80B New: Preview current slide and working directories saved

By double clicking with the left mouse button on a slide the selected slide will be previewed with the actual animation, subtitle, music, background, effect etc. This way you don't have to wait for the entire slideshow to be prepared before preview things like a single transition or post effect. And you will be able to hear the exact music played over that particular slide. (Please note that most effects, animations, motion backgrounds will slow down preview on the images and playback will not be realtime in most cases.)

Double clicking with the left mouse button on slides with avi/avs will only show the avi or avs file for faster playback.

Presets and Slide Setting menus also have new buttons to access this new feature.

Version 0.79 Motion backgrounds and new transitions and effects

Avi and avs can be used as motion backgrounds under 'Presets'.  The new transitions includes Bars transitions (Dynasty style... lol), more jpg transitions and a mirror transition.  The new posteffect is a mirror effect which will mirror the lower part of the image like in water or steel. Take a look at a demo with motion background and mirror here.

External software for previewing all Transitions and Post Effects

Take a look at all the transitions here and all the effects here.  Get the previewers under Download.

Version 0.78 New: Overlapping animations and videos

By using negative transition durations now it's possible make overlapping animations and videos. 

Version 0.77 More Reliable with HCenc by Hank315

New PostEffects pack in Downloads with ex. Kaleidascope.avs

New flash tutorial on how to make a cool looking dvd with menus: here!

Hopefully HCenc will mean the end to underuns:

With HCenc DVD slideshow GUI render faster, smaller and more reliable video files. Sh0dan's avisynth plugin SoundOut exports ac3 and mp2.

Drive In Theme:                                                                            Polaroid look:

Version 0.76 Added usage of cool effect filters!

Make great looking visual effects for motion menus ect:

In the preset menu you can select between the different effects either on the images or the entire slideshow or even both!

These effect filters will allow you to add blurs, glows, blooms, desaturate, move, contrast, old film looks, newspaper raster, overlaying images and much more. (Adding effects to the entire slideshow will of course kill some of the preview speed, but rendered  everything should look all right.)

Effect videos!
PNG alpha video!
Music effects!
(not added to DSG yet)

Newspaper+EffectStrips                                               Animation+Overlay_Clouds
MultiStripsH                                                                    Bloom+OldCinema

Add your own effect filters:
Included is avisynth templates for making your own filters  with ex. Free Frame filters, AMP and CHA Photoshop curves,  MSU's great Virtual Dub filters. So you can actually add your own scripts to the collection, just place the avisynth scripts in the 'Posteffects' folder before starting up DsG. Just make sure that the clip the new avisynth filter produces is in YV12 and it doesn't change the size and the framerate.
NB! This function isn't described in the help files yet. And I still need to add credits to all the coders of all the new filters. I could need some help on writing the documentation...

BTW. There is a great new DVD slideshow GUI tutorial over at!

Version 0.75 New:  import of Avisynth scripts and overlay of animation 

Import avisynth(.avs) files:
This way you can let DsG import pretty much anything Avisynth can import(ex. mpeg, quicktime, raw ect.) just by writing a script. Check out Avisynth! You can even import avisynth scripts saved by DsG.
Random transitions added under import presets.
Now you can double click with the left button on avi/avs slides to view them in the player.

Overlay animations:
By selecting the new 'overlay.avs' transition and animating the following slide you can animate on top of the previous slide. Take a look in the flv player.

Version 0.74 Export of pro-slideshow dvd with menus to Gui for dvdauthor

DVD slideshow GUI now can export a .gfd file with:

- Main menu(animated) with button access to:
- A rendered video slideshow with music, texts and chapterpoints.

- Chaptermenus with tumbnail-buttons to the video slideshow.
- One photo/video pr. submenu, so you can flip through photos/videos with your remote.

It also supports export of videos, so this is a nice way to make a video(musicvideos/trailers) compilation.
Get Gui for dvdauthor(GFD) here!

Just by exporting your slideshow in .gfd format and loading it up in Gui for dvdauthor, author it and burn it - you will have a pro-looking slideshow DVD with menus:DSG2GFD

Version 0.72 Storyboard

sboardIn version 0.72 two new export funtions are added. One which will let you export in a storybord layout html page with can be printet from your browser with correct pagebreaks. Take a look at an example here.  This will come in handy if you are working with animatics or just need to set up a storyboard.(videos and animations will not be added).

The other new feature is exporting all images (with backgrounds and texts - if wanted) as bmp images, this will come in handy if you are going to set up a one image pr. menu in GUI for DVDauthor/Muxman.

Version 0.71 Export All

A export all function added, which will export  m2v, ac3, ssa, txt(chapters) in one go. Use this export for an easy way make the files needed for GUI for DVDauthor.  Be aware that if you are using GUI for Muxman you will have to export subtitles to .srt and use txt2sup to convert them into a subtitleformat GUI for Muxman supports.

Note: DVD slideshow GUI is a user interface for great free tools like Avisynth, Dvdauthor, HCenc, Media Player Classic, FFmpeg, Flvtool2, Mplex, Demux, mkisofs ect. and is coded in wxBasic. It comes as an installer with all the nessesary files included. 

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