PGC Editor

The PGC Editor allows you to modify most of the PGC data.  The interface is extremely easy and intuitive to use.

To access the PGC Editor, just double click on a PGC or press Enter.

Typical editing procedures:

1.             Cell addition and removal

2.             Chapter and Program editing/re-assignment

3.             Vob-Cell ID reassignment

4.             Stream re-assignment

5.             Subtitle colour changing, copying, pasting, importing and exporting (in either ASCII or YCbCr format)

6.             Editing the cell flags, including setting/removing the layer break

7.             Adding/deleting cell commands

8.             Removing/editing Prohibited User Operations (PUOs)

9.             Changing the Next, Previous and GoUp links

10.         Changing cell and PGC still times

11.         Extracting cell times in various formats

12.         Previewing a cell or the whole PGC

13.         Viewing the attributes of the various streams (audio, video and sub-picture) in the domain

14.         Finding out cell times and where the various cells start and end in the VOB (in terms of VOBU sectors)

15.         Seeing which angle a cell belongs to (in a multi-angled PGC)

16.         Deleting angles


Note:  Some buttons or functions might not be present depending on the PGC being edited (e.g. Del Angles on a menu PGC)


Tip:  Hover over a button or a heading with the mouse to get a handy tip on what the button does or the properties of a stream etc.


In general, to edit an item, where appropriate:

         Click a button or

         Type in an input field (e.g. Cell Still Time, Cell Command, Previous PGCN link)

Some of these are discussed in more detail below.