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PgcEdit version 9.2

February 2009





What is PgcEdit?

PgcEdit was initially written to supplement IfoEdit, an excellent freeware program which makes it possible to modify almost all the information contained in a DVD’s IFO files.  PgcEdit offers a comprehensive and easy to understand view of the DVD’s programming.  It allows you to edit, via easy to use GUIs, all the DVD’s commands with their legal values, without any limitations except those imposed by the DVD standard.

PgcEdit also has an extremely powerful but easy to use PGC Editor, where you can make changes to stream assignments, subtitle colours, the chapter table, cell and PGC still times, the cell flags, VOB/Cell IDs and many others, again through an easy and intuitive GUI.

PgcEdit’s powerful, fully-featured Menu Editor allows users to edit menus, by creating, deleting, hiding, changing the location, size, commands and colours of the buttons.

Furthermore, PgcEdit has an exceptionally useful Trace mode allowing users to follow the flow of the commands as they are played by a real player, while watching how the GPRMs, SPRMs and PUOs change.  With this simulation, PgcEdit may be used as a powerful debugging tool.

With PgcEdit, you may blank out whole Titlesets easily, which is a very convenient space-saving feature and clean up your DVD structure in one click with Remove Useless Stuff and its various parts.  You can also burn your project from PgcEdit.

PgcEdit is also a basic DVD authoring tool – by using its New DVD command, combined with importing menus and titles and its Command Editor, you can author your DVD from scratch.

PgcEdit is written in Tcl/Tk, which is an interpreted scripting language.  Tcl/Tk was chosen for its power in building interactive user interfaces and for the fact that a Tcl/Tk application can run on any platform which has a Tcl/Tk interpreter, including Linux, Windows and MacOSX.