Command Editor options submenu



Hi-lite Errors and GOTO Targets will show errors in pink/red and GOTO targets in yellow.  This makes it easier to see at a glance where the command is leading and if there are problems (e.g. a command may be legal but going to an invalid location – e.g. Jump to Title 99, where no title 99 exists).


Auto renumber GOTOs when commands added/removed will renumber the target line numbers of the GOTO commands when you insert or delete lines in the same section of a PGC.  Leave this option checked.  Take care – the GOTOs that are within a copied/pasted block and which point outside that block are not renumbered!


Include [hex codes] in main listbox and in Info / commands dumps shows the hex codes for the commands (in square brackets) together with the interpreted commands.  Leaving this unchecked will show only the disassembled code.  Many people may find it easier to view the screens with this option off.


Allow PgcEdit to add automatic comments in the PGC labels:  If checked, allows PgcEdit to automatically add PGC comments and GPRM labels where, (amongst other functions):

-          there are multiple button sets

-          mark PGCs as ‘Played’ is set in the trace state menu

-          the import startup/opening/closing clips function is executed

-          the Jump to PGC Upon DVD Insert function has been executed

-          void PGCs are found or PGC are found which could be deleted

-          re-authoring routines are run from the DVD Shrink Plugin


Set current search string as default allows you to open PgcEdit with your desired search string in the search box at the bottom of the main GUI.