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DVDAuthorGUI is a basic frontend for the dvdauthor project. It is designed to be an easy means for the average user to create a basic dvd.
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You can download the full package here.
This package contains everything needed to begin using DVDAuthorGUI

Vista Users: You may need to install the GUI, by right clicking on the installer, and selecting "Run As Administrator" to properly install DVDAuthorGUI.
Sourcecode for the tools used by the GUI can be found here.
Sourcecode for the GUI itself can be found here. (released under the GPL)

If you have trouble with the chapter editor or the menu editor's preview window, you may need a directshow mpeg2 decoder. A software dvd player will usually come with one(like PowerDVD). I would not recommend using WinDVD's decoder, as there are some issues that could effect the accuracy of the buttons in the menu editor. Several opensource decoders are: A Directshow Filter Manager may be useful if there are conflicting mpeg2 filters on your system.

Also, a simple demultiplexing tool is available to batch demultiplex multiple mpegs. It is available here: BatchDemux 0.14 - 6/14/2005

Download a sample dvd here. This was created with the motion menu generator. The background animation is from Mainconcept's texture loops.

Webmasters: please do not directly link to the files. Link to this page, or the homepage.