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Brief description

- mDVDAuth is a plugin for DVD2SVCD. It has been developed using Autoit scripting language

- This plugin allows DVD2SVCD to create DVD/miniDVD using IFOEdit as authoring tool, and other free tools (see Additional SW needed)

- CD (minDVD) & DVD Images creation.

- Subtitles (all or none) are supported

- Up to two audio streams are supported.

- Audio transcoding formats supported: ac3 5/1, ac3 2/0 and mpeg1 layer 2, using BeSweet.

- Original DVD or fixed chapters are supported.

- Frame selection support (only one selection)

- ac3 error fixing and delay correction

Additional SW needed
- dvd2svcd  (obvious!). Tested with dvd2svcd from 1.2.1b3 until 1.2.2b4

- BeSweet (for ac3 transcoding, included in dvd2svcd bundle)

- IfoEdit 0.95/0.96 (for authoring)

- VobEdit 0.6 (for subpictures extraction, if subs=1 is selected)

- VobSub 2.23 (for subpictures extraction, if subs=2 is selected)

- SubToSup 0.9 Beta (for subpictures extraction, if subs=2 is selected)

- ImgTool 0.90 (CLASSIC version, for images creation, if images are selected).


Release Data



Current  Release 043



Previous Release 042






Included in exe pack



Included in exe pack

Changelog v043:

- Added:  Compatibility with DGIndex, used in DVD2SVCD 1.2.3


Changelog v042:

- BugFix:  Keep index in the case of non-consecutive subpictures

- BugFix:  Max number of subs 32 (instead of 16).


Changelog v041:

- BugFix:  Positive delay


Changelog v040c:

- Added:          Settings full compatibility with D2SRoBa 3.6

- Changed:       Deleted “–same” option when calling transcodeac3.

- Improvement: Delayac3 is much faster than before


Changelog v040:

- Added:   Control over bitrate constraints

- Other     Compiled with Autoit 3 v101 & autgui.au3 v1.4

- BugFix    CopyIfoattr called with no spaces in –subdef

- BugFix    Strange case in transcode to stereo ac3

- BugFix    Minor bugs in GUI when changing from DVD to AVI

- Other     Change in default values of bitrate tab



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