Splitting a DVD9 with VobBlanker

Input the DVD you want to split and set the output for disc one.

Go to the Blank menu and select Auto (Alt + T)

This will blank all title sets except the largest one.

If the main movie is not in the largest title set you will have to blank the title sets manually.

Total Size will change to reflect any changes you made. In this example after auto blanking the output size will be 5859MB.

We need to blank 1382 MB more.

In the TitleSet window you can see that VTS_02_*.VOB, VTS_03_*.VOB, VTS_04_*.VOB where blanked by the Final Size. They are all 50 KB now.

And VTS_01_*.VOB was untouched.

Highlight VTS_01_*.VOB, select the PGC # (entry number) and press the cell button.

In this example there is only one PGC. If there are other PGC in the title set you can blank them out as well, they could be studio intros.

NOTE: If the other PGC are Reuse cells there is no need to blank them.

Scroll down to the last cells, highlight and click blank. Repeat on other cells. Remember we still need to blank 1382MB. You can use a calculator to add all the blanked cells or trial and error. In this example we blanked up to cell # 19 chapter 17 to give use a final size of 3979MB. I recommend blanking at a chapter point. Example cell #24 is not at a start of a chapter it belongs to chapter 21 with cell #23 as a starting point.

Press Apply and PROCESS!!


After processing disc one reopen the original DVD and set the output folder for disc two.

Leave everything untouched and go back to the title set we split in disc one. In our case it was VTS_01_*.VOB, PGC # 01 Entry and press Cells.

The Cells List will pop up and now we must blank the first part of the PGC. On disc one we blanked cells #19 to 31 so now on disc two we have to blank cell #1 to 18. Highlight cell #1 and click blank, repeat to cell #18. Press Apply and PROCESS!! Disc 2 will now start at cell #19 chapter (Cha) 17.



When playing the title set we split on disc two there will be a slight wait before the video starts (about 4 seconds). This is because the player is playing all the blanked cells in the beginning, in the case above 18 of them. We can edit the PGC so it will jump straight to the video.

This method was taken from a post in a Doom9 forum from 2Cool found here http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?s=&postid=565927#post565933

With PGCedit open the output folder for disc 2 (the one VobBlanker processed).

In this example the main movie is in VTS_01_*.VOB, TTN 1 and the duration is 2:24:12 (in VobBlanker look at the PGCs in Selected TitleSet window under the TTN column.)

Highlight VTST 1, 1 TTN 1 (2:24:12 ) Title 1 in the left window.

This will show all the commands for that title in the right window.

Highlight ********** cell commands: and press the Add after button. This will create a NOP command. Now press the Edit Cmd Button or double click the 1  NOP command in the right window. The Command Editor will pop up.

Go to Numerically, 20: Link and select 20_5 LinkPTT.

Now change Jump to Chapter (PTT) to the chapter where disc 2 starts. In our example disc 2 started at cell #19 chapter 17. Press Ok

In the right window the NOP command has changed to LinkPTT Chapter 17. Also make note of what number the command is. (Circled in red)

Back at the main window double click on the title where you added the command to. VTST 1, 1 TTN 1 (2:24:12) Title 1. Now put the number that the LinkPTT Chapter 17 cell command in the Cell Cmd box for each cell. In our example the LinkPTT Chapter 17 is cell command 1 (circled in red) so we will change the 0 to 1 in the Cell Cmd up to Cell # 19 chapter 17.

Press Ok and Save DVD.

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